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Chaotou brave shoulder the mission to gather strength to new journey - our school held a party member conference and branch election conference

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In order to further study and implement the spirit of the Party's 20 Congresses, earnestly implement the provisions of the Party Constitution and the Regulations on the Work of the Branches of the Communist Party of China (Trial), and better promote the deep integration of party building work and business work, on the morning of January 15, our school held a Party member conference and branch election conference, and all Party members participated in the meeting。The meeting was presided over by Xu Xifeng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and president。


 Hold a general meeting of all party members

Each Party branch secretary gives a report on the work of the last Party branch。

Huang Ping, Secretary of the Liberal Arts Party Branch: The Liberal Arts branch Committee is under the correct leadership of the school party committee,To build a solid foundation as the goal to grasp the ideological construction of party members,Temper the party spirit;To build a strong fortress as the goal to grasp the branch's own construction,Create a clean environment;To build a high platform as the goal of style construction,Improve service capability,In the three years of party branch work achieved good results。


Da Bin, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Science Department: The current committee of the Science Department has given full play to the exemplary role of the fighting fortress of the branch and the vanguard of party members in the three years of work,Carry out theoretical learning with high quality,Continue to carry out great study, great publicity and great discussion;High quality compacting branch work foundation,Focus on the standardization, standardization and institutionalization of all work;High quality to strengthen team building,Strengthen the political direction, strengthen the value orientation, strengthen the work practice,Lead branch party members to strive for excellence。


Jiang Hanlin, Secretary of the Logistics Party Branch: This year's Logistics Branch Committee strives to grasp the guidance of party building, do its best to grasp the epidemic prevention and control, and gather strength to grasp the logistics guarantee。In 2022, the branch will focus on key points, strengthen theoretical learning and education, and seriously conduct political life within the party;Focus on the main force, strengthen the construction of grassroots teams, play a vanguard role, gather forces, optimize the style of work, and promote work。


Yu Yuxia, secretary of the Party Committee, introduced the adjusted party branch Settings and read out the list of conveners of each party branch。The meeting discussed, incubated and deliberated through the establishment of the party branch and the list of conveners。

Yu Yuxia pointed out,To further optimize the establishment of party organizations,Build the branch in the front line of teaching and educating people,Our school will be the original liberal arts, science branch,Adjust to the discipline as a unit of the party branch,Members of the Party committee stay at the branch of the discipline,To guide the integration of party building work and education and teaching work,Give full play to the role of party branches as fighting fortresses。


The party branch members meeting was held

The convenor of each party branch presided over the Party members' meeting respectively to discuss, incubate and review and approve the "Methods for the Election of Party Members' Meeting of the Party Branch of Nantong Tibet Middle School for Nationalities (Draft)", the list of candidates and the list of vote supervisors。Party members of each branch earnestly exercise their democratic rights under the supervision of the vote supervisors, and elect the secretary, deputy secretary and members of the branch by secret ballot。


Hold a Party committee meeting

All the members of the Party Committee and the newly elected secretaries of each branch jointly attended the Party committee meeting。At the meeting, the Party branch secretaries reported the branch election results and division of labor to the Party committee, and the Party Committee studied and discussed the election results of the branches。


Hold a general meeting of all party members

Xu Xifeng read out the list of party branch secretaries, deputy secretaries and branch committee members。


Yu Yuxia made a concluding speech。She represented the school Party Committee on the successful establishment of nine party branches,Warm congratulations on the successful election of Party branch secretaries, deputy secretaries and members,And put forward three requirements for the party branch construction work: first,Consolidate the branch organization,Build strong fighting fortresses;second,Promotion of clerical service,Perform the duties of the first responsible person;third,Strive to be a typical party member,Play a pioneering and exemplary role。


2023 is the first year of the implementation of the Party's 20 National Congress, and it is also a key year for the implementation of the 14th Five-Year Plan of the school。Tide brave stand to bear the mission, condensing the heart to go to a new journey。Each party branch will take advantage of this party branch work summary and election,Under the correct leadership of the school Party committee,Further enhance the innovation, practice and synergy of the party building work of the branch,Unite and work hard, strive for success,Promote the overall level of school party building work to a new level,Lead the school to write a new chapter of high-quality development!

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