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The first stop of the inspection - the Municipal Education Bureau to Nantong Xizang Ethnic middle school to carry out the inspection of the construction of clean schools

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“曾经,He shuttled carsick students to and from the college entrance examination in a battery car,And let the wife who finished hemodialysis in the hospital wait for a long time;once,He helps poor students finish school,And squeezing out grants from families who are not wealthy..."In Nantong Xizang Nationalities Middle School to meet the municipal Education Bureau clean school construction inspection report meeting,Jianghai moral model Fan Darbin's deeds made the participants tearful。


On April 7, the Municipal Bureau of Education clean school construction inspection team began a comprehensive inspection, Nantong Tibet Nationalities Middle School as the first station to welcome the inspection on behalf of the municipal schools took the lead in accepting the inspection, the inspection team is responsible for contacting the school, the deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Education Chen Bin led the team, from the county and municipal schools selected experts。The discipline inspection cadres of some schools directly under the city witnessed the scene, and the middle and above cadres and teachers representatives of the school participated in the activity。


Yu Yuxia, secretary of the Party Committee of the school, reported on the construction of a clean school in terms of the implementation of key issues, characteristics and highlights, and Chen Bin fully affirmed the hard efforts and positive results made by the school in strengthening the guidance and building consensus, optimizing the thinking of running the school, and focusing on key issues。He points out,The construction of clean schools is an important part of clean education in Nantong,It is a long-term systematic project,We must move forward steadily,And put forward three suggestions to the school,First, we must strengthen theoretical armed forces,Consolidate the ideological foundation of honesty and integrity;Second, strict implementation of the system,Tie up the system cage that resists rot and changes;Third, create a good atmosphere,Create a cultural position of integrity and education。


The inspection team highlights the problem orientation,Focus on the implementation of 8 important aspects, 24 key links and 62 risk points in the implementation of the school's policies and decisions, the implementation of the main responsibility of strictly governing the Party, the education of teachers and students' clean culture, the "triple one" decision, the construction and implementation of internal control, the standardization of school-running behavior, the management of affiliated departments (units) and cafeteria management,By checking the school ledger information,Panel interview,On-the-spot inspection and other ways to learn more about the construction of school integrity,Find out the crux,And give an objective evaluation。

Nantong Tibetan Nationalities Middle School as this"Breeze campus" construction inspection first station,The inspection team fully affirmed that the school is earnestly implementing the policies and decision-making deployment,We will standardize decision-making and implementation of major issues,Clean culture education for teachers and students,Good practices in standardizing school-running behaviors,Schools should improve the construction of internal control, strengthen supervision and evaluation,The inspection team gave targeted opinions and suggestions。


"We will certainly claim according to the order, make changes, and do a good job in the transformation and application of the inspection results, accept the inspection and supervision of high-quality school-running results, and contribute wisdom and strength to promote the reform and development of ethnic education.。Secretary Yu Yuxia made a clear statement at the feedback meeting。


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