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Ingenuity build dreams to achieve wonderful life -- our school carried out the activity of model workers into the campus

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Pay tribute to everyone who works hard for life

Pay tribute to everyone who struggles for their dreams

Model workers are always the leaders of The Times

The spirit of model workers leads the spirit of The Times, and the value of model workers creates the value of The Times。In order to further promote the spirit of model worker craftsman into the school labor education and ideological and political courses, lead the trend of The Times that "labor is glorious, skills are precious, and great creation", actively promote the "five education simultaneously", comprehensively strengthen the labor education of students in the new era, and guide students to establish a correct view of labor。On September 29, our school carried out the "model workers into the campus" activity, which was presided over by Xu Jinjie, deputy director of the Student Affairs Office, and Professor Ge Weijun, winner of the National May Day Labor Medal, Jiangsu artisan and director of the Automation Technology Institute of Nantong Vocational University, made a special lecture report entitled "Craftsmanship Dream Achievement Wonderful Life"。


Professor Ge's right leg was paralyzed by illness when he was a child, but he was still strong and self-taught, leaning on crutches。From a disabled person who was born in a rural area with no money and could not go to university, he grew up to become a university professor。From an ordinary professional teacher, he has grown into a great craftsman, and has made remarkable achievements in the fields of education and teaching, scientific research and innovation, scientific and technological services, and helping the weak and disabled。He has won more than 30 municipal and above commendations and awards such as "Experts enjoying special subsidies of The State Council", "National May 1st Labor Medal", "National Technical Expert", "National Self-improvement Model", "Huang Yanpei Outstanding Teacher Award for Vocational Education", "Jiangsu Artisan", "young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions in Jiangsu Province", and "Jiangsu Advanced Workers (model workers)",受到习近平等三代党和国家领导人接见。Professor Ge uses simple language and true emotions from "I am a craftsman's heart and grateful to The Times.,Perceive the artisan's way and shape extraordinary quality,Understanding the soul of the craftsman, consolidating the foundation of the cause "three aspects with the students to share his self-improvement story,He used a stick to hold up his wonderful life,Prop up a piece of the students,The atmosphere at the event was warm,Frequent interaction,The students were deeply moved and encouraged by this "power of persistence"!

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The "model worker craftsman into the campus" activity is a vivid ideological and political lesson, so that students feel the style of model worker craftsman close, but also stimulate the infinite enthusiasm for labor and forge ahead of the spirit of struggle, lit up the dream of youth ingenuity to learn from the example。

文案: Yang Xiaolu   Reviewed by: Yu Yu Xia Da Bin

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