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We in the story -- the theme of our school's young teachers' growth camp

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There is no real education without self-education。-- Sukhomlinsky

In order to promote the professional growth of young teachers in the whole school, stimulate teachers' enthusiasm for self-reflection and active creation, and achieve experience sharing and common growth, the school's young teachers' Growth camp recently launched a micro-story evaluation and sharing activity with the theme of "We in the story"。President Xu Xifeng, the Academic Affairs Office and all young teachers participated in this activity。


01 Selection and Award

Teacher Li Denghai announced the results of the evaluation of education and teaching micro-stories。The activity was scored by 8 judges, and a total of 7 first prizes and 10 second prizes were awarded。



02 Story Sharing

Teach and learn, be each other's teacher

"A casual word from a teacher may create a miracle;A casual eye of the teacher may bury a talent。Teacher Yang Mengling shared the story between her and student Tashi Norgay。 


Another me in the world

Every student has a different self, seemingly careless but delicate heart, as a teacher, to play the role of explorer, to find another him。Teacher Gu Xin shares his "Cat Treatment"。


03 Stage Summary

Chen Dan, deputy director of the Academic Affairs Office, summarized the activities of the young teachers' growth camp in the first half of 2023, and fully affirmed the achievements of young teachers in teaching competition, professional improvement, teaching quality and other aspects。 

Zhu Xinrong, deputy director of the Academic Affairs Office, summarized the inspection of the teaching routine of young teachers. He pointed out that the teaching routine of young teachers has made great progress, and they actively carry out group cooperative learning, but the cooperation mechanism cannot be used smoothly. He encouraged young teachers to actively reflect and effectively improve the classroom efficiency。 

04 Activity Deployment

Teacher Li Denghai made advance arrangements for the theme activities of the growth camp in the second half of the year。He hopes that young teachers can make good use of the young teachers' growth camp platform, further do detailed education and teaching routine work, and let themselves stand on the platform。

05 Leader's message

The professional growth of young teachers is inseparable from their own professional focus and investment, the growth platform given by the school, and the care and expectations of leaders。

Xu Xifeng, the principal of the young teachers put forward four points of growth message: first, to clarify the requirements,Set new goals that are attainable;Second, we need to update our philosophy,Establish a new education ecology of moral and intellectual cultivation;Third, we need to take innovative measures,Construct a new management mechanism that attaches equal importance to teaching and management;Fourth, we must take the initiative in reform,Give birth to new teaching ideas with distinctive characteristics。


Based on the current situation of young teachers in our school, the Youth Teacher Growth Camp actively explores new ways for the professional growth of young teachers, and actively promotes the initiative and responsibility of young teachers through theme activities such as concept infiltration, activity participation and self-improvement, so as to provide fresh blood for the national education front。

文案: Li Denghai   Review: Xu Xifeng and Chen Wanqing

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