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Promoting teaching and research by pooling wisdom and concentration -- Our school held a meeting on teaching quality analysis and discipline leaders of each grade

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Good summarizer gets his wisdom, good analyst gets his plan!

People often spring early, riding horses to whip。The work of the new semester has officially kicked off. In order to plan a new chapter and make concerted efforts to open a new journey in the cause of ethnic education, on the afternoon of February 8, 2023, our school held a teaching quality analysis meeting and discipline leader meeting with the theme of "pooling wisdom to promote teaching and research.。


Teaching and research together to help growth

In order to improve the cohesion and combat effectiveness of discipline groups, clarify the teaching tasks and objectives of each discipline in this semester, and ensure the smooth development of education and teaching work in the new semester, our school held the first discipline leaders' meeting in the afternoon of February 8。President Xu Xifeng, Director of the Academic Affairs Office Chen Wanqing and all subject leaders attended the meeting。The meeting was chaired by Zhu Xinrong, deputy director of the Academic Affairs Office。


At the beginning of the activity, the leaders of each subject introduced the teaching and research activities plan of the new semester, solved the real problems with small cuts, pointed to the quality improvement, and put forward practical opinions and suggestions on the construction of responsible classrooms in our school. The deep thinking of the leaders on the education and teaching work of the new semester was fully affirmed by the school leaders。


At the meeting, the academic Affairs Office put forward the overall requirements of "focusing on the key strengths and weaknesses and bright characteristics" for the construction of subject groups, ensuring that the routine work is implemented, doing a good job in the collection and sorting of process data, and emphasizing that the characteristics of curriculum reform should be reflected in the routine teaching work。


Scientific analysis promotes promotion

The group leader and head teacher of each grade made an accurate analysis of the teaching situation of each class with detailed data. Through horizontal and vertical comparison, they pointed out that the learning situation of each class showed a dynamic development and a steady upward trend, and also pointed out the existing problems in teaching and learning of each class。


The teachers of each subject reached a consensus at the meeting,To make good use of the grade group platform unified pace of joint management,It is necessary to implement precision teaching based on scientific data analysis,To put forward high standards for students at the same time,Also pay attention to the healthy physical and mental development of children from time to time,We should pay attention to home-school communication to form home-school synergy,In a good home-school interaction to promote the development of students。


The school leaders fully affirmed the hard work of the teachers, and hoped that the group leaders and class teachers of each grade should take the lead by example, optimize the teaching method, improve the quality of education and teaching, and lead the members of the group to make progress together while focusing on their own development。

Today's wisdom to promote teaching and research, tomorrow's action to drive the horse!The wind and waves have calmed down, the banks are very open, and the sailing is vigorous. All the teachers of Nantong ZC will bear in mind the mission and responsibility, seek for the situation, seize the opportunity, gather the potential and become strong, write a new chapter, open up a new situation, and go to a new journey!

Copywriter: Zhu Qi  Review: Xu Xifeng and Chen Wanqing

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