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Responsibility in the heart to fulfill the responsibility in the line - our school held the 2023 high school model quality analysis meeting

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In order to further improve the pertinence and effectiveness of college entrance examination preparation, and firmly promote the concept of responsible classroom in the teaching practice of senior high school education, on February 21, 2023, our senior high school held a model quality analysis meeting in the conference room on the fourth floor of Zhaxi Building。Party Secretary Yu Yuxia, Director of the Academic Affairs Office Chen Wanqing and all senior three teachers attended the meeting。The meeting was chaired by Director Chen Wanqing。


01 Three class teachers in senior three respectively carried out a detailed analysis and serious reflection on the problems of the feedback of each class, and made a brief report on the next class management。The three head teachers "should be of one mind", continue to work together to create a good class learning atmosphere, build a "grade management community", and strive to escort the effective development of discipline teaching。

02 Each lesson preparation group analyzed the performance of the discipline model respectively, and drew up specific measures for the second round of review of the discipline according to the spirit of the municipal Management Center model quality analysis meeting。

03 Director Chen Wanqing put forward the coping strategies for the second round of review through one module data: pay attention to basic knowledge, build knowledge system, improve problem-solving ability and pay attention to teaching efficiency。He is full of confidence in the senior three students, pointing out that during the next exam preparation period, the subject teachers should also focus on some critical students while implementing the class discipline plan, and strive to help them to enter the ideal university through efforts。

04 Secretary Yu Yuxia fully affirmed the effectiveness of the Teaching Affairs Office and grade group in education and teaching management and the efforts made by senior three teachers since the past period, and pointed out the imbalance and instability among disciplines by comparing the data of the past two years。She expects teachers in each subject to use a good modulus of data,In-depth analysis,Pinpoint problem,Precise measures,No objective reason,Find more methods and measures;Do a good job of pre-class research,Precise topic selection,Be good at changing problems,Effective practice,Do more useful work,Take more efficient classes;According to learning situation,Detailed task,Insist every day,Care more about companionship,Encourage and support。

 All along, our school has been focusing on the continuous training of Tibetan outstanding talents for national unity and progress。As an important livelihood project, the college entrance examination carries the expectations of teachers, students and parents, and is related to the future development of the motherland。All senior three teachers will beThe sense of mission of "responsibility in the heart, responsibility in the line", 踔厉 work hard and forge ahead for our school2023The college entrance examination again score a new chapter, create brilliant!

Copywriter: Li Denghai   Review: Xu Xifeng and Chen Wanqing

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