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Take advantage of the trend and do not slack - our school held the 2023 high school two model quality analysis meeting

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In order to further implement the concept of responsible classroom teaching in the deep practice of senior high school education,Constantly summarize the methods and strategies of the early review for the examination and the gains and losses,Effective use of two-module data to guide the next stage of exam preparation,April 5th, 2023,The third grade of our school held the second model quality analysis meeting in the fourth floor conference room of Zhaxi Building。Party Secretary Yu Yuxia, Director of the Academic Affairs Office Chen Wanqing and all senior three teachers attended the meeting。The meeting was chaired by Director Chen Wanqing。

Teacher Lu Jian and Li Denghai, head teachers of the third grade, respectively made a careful analysis of the class two model results,Focus on the further implementation of regular management measures from the class management level,While acknowledging the achievements made, it also points out some problems to be solved,Strengthen communication with teachers,Make concerted efforts to achieve greater results in the three models。

Geography teacher Zhang Jiewei shared and exchanged some specific practices in the teaching of the subject。


Director Chen Wanqing made a horizontal and vertical explanation of the situation of each class with two-module data, made a key analysis of individual students in the grade, and proposed that we should continue to focus on some students and not let every student fall behind。He fully affirmed the hard work of grade group teachers in the process of preparing for the second model, and called on all teachers to continue to work hard and 踔厉 to prepare for the third model。

Secretary Yu Yuxia passed two one - and two-module data,A comprehensive analysis is carried out from different angles and multiple dimensions,It fully affirmed the hard work of all teachers in the senior three group,It is suggested to make good use of two-module data,Precision teaching,With the "spring breeze run heart escort growth" series of activities,Have a heart-to-heart talk with classmates,Boost morale,Take advantage of the situation,Be persistent in practice,To meet the upcoming three models with more full passion。


2023 senior high school teachers will be more full of enthusiasm, more high morale, more sufficient energy to lead all senior high school students to take advantage of the situation, do not slack, constantly break through themselves, achieve better themselves, become the pride of South Tibet。

Progress a little bit every day, believe in 60 days of persistence, 2023 senior high school students, three models come on!College entrance examination come on!

Copywriter: Li Denghai  Review: Xu Xifeng and Chen Wanqing

Final Verdict: mzzxadmin
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