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The memory of the revolutionary martyrs and the rejuvenation of the powerful country have me - our school held the "Martyrs' Day" and celebrate the National Day theme flag-raising ceremony

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History has profoundly shown that patriotism has been in the blood of the Chinese nation since ancient times. It cannot be destroyed, broken or destroyed. It is a powerful spiritual driving force for the Chinese people and nation to safeguard national independence and dignity。-- Xi Jinping

To commemorate the tenth "Martyrs' Day", celebrate the founding of the People's Republic of China74Anniversary, strengthen patriotic education, arouse the enthusiasm of teachers and students to love the Party, love the country and love the school,930On the morning of the day, our school held a solemn ceremony to raise the national flag to remember the revolutionary martyrs and express sincere wishes to the motherland。 

Under the attention of the whole school, the heroic national flag guard escorted the national flag into the entrance with a strong pace。


Along with the impassioned national anthem, the national flag rises and flutters in the wind。All the teachers and students sang the national anthem, and under the bright five-star red flag, they expressed their love for the great motherland and their high respect for the revolutionary martyrs。



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At the scene, all teachers and students silently nodded their heads to pay silent tribute to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives heroically for the cause of the Chinese people's liberation and the cause of the republic's construction, and deeply mourned and remembered the dead revolutionary martyrs。

"Today, a capitalized China, a soaring China, and a China springing out in the East of the world are all very proud。"The Young Pioneers represent the second day3Bandji Yang Zong, Communist Youth League member on behalf of senior two2Bangeng Haoyu recited the poem "Youth China" with enthusiasm, expressing his infinite nostalgia for the youth China under the leadership of the Communist Party of China。 


Seventy-four years of wind and rain, seventy-four years of hard work。Looking back at the history, our country has made countless great achievements, and under the new journey, young students must bravely shoulder the mission。Party committee member and Vice President Xu Sunwei delivered a passionate speech under the national flag,For the students put forward ardent hope: first, deeply plant the feelings of home and country, keep in mind the mission,Be a trendsetter in the new era;The second is to clarify the pursuit of learning and temper the character of perseverance,Be a doer in the new era;The third is to cultivate Haoran healthy qi and develop healthy habits,Be a new era of both physical and mental health。President Xu encouraged the students to continue the patriotic struggle spirit of revolutionary martyrs and make unremitting efforts to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!


At the end of the activity, all teachers and students waved the national flag in their hands and sang "Sing the Motherland" together to express good birthday wishes to the motherland。


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Looking back on history, our hearts are surging;Looking to the future, we are full of pride。Each generation has a long march, and the long March of contemporary young students is being extended。Elegance just, and song and line, walk to, are infinite scenery。Wish young people have dreams, should not stop at heart, but also put into action。I hope that South Tibet students can start from the side, start from the small things, with their own actions to express the good wishes of the motherland, wish our great motherland more prosperous!

Student perception

初一3 A surname

Watch the flag rise slowly,My heart is surging,Countless images came to mind: from the revolutionary ancestors fighting bloody battles,Protect the motherland,To the founding of New China,Reform and opening up,The Olympic Games were successfully held,Tall buildings are rising from the ground,The athletes fought hard,Researchers work hard atAll this time on the road,undulating,Hard work,The Chinese people are under the guidance of the Party,Stride forward confidently,We should pick up the baton passed by our predecessors,Contribute to the great motherland! 

初二2 Solangpadan

The mountains and rivers are safe, we should strengthen ourselves。The best comfort for heroes is to follow their example and forge ahead in the inheritance of blood。As students of South Tibet, we must remember the original intention of our ancestors to contribute to the country and the nation, cultivate our patriotism, practice the core socialist values, and strive to move forward in the journey of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。      

初三2 Guan Xinrui

On this special day of the tenth "Martyrs' Day", we dressed in military uniforms and stood on the playground with high spirits to hold a flag-raising ceremony。In the solemn national anthem, the bright five-star red flag rises slowly。In the impassioned music, I seemed to see the revolutionary martyrs on the battlefield, shed blood。Their blood paid for the happy life we have now。Isn't the fact that we're standing here today exactly what they wanted?How can we fail them?We have to start now, from the small start。Strive to improve their ability to achieve all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical, the United States and labor, and strive to build a prosperous, democratic, civilized, harmonious and beautiful modern socialist power!   

高一1 Dawaji

As a member of the national flag team, when the flag-raising ceremony officially began, my heart was both nervous and proud。Today's flag-raising ceremony lets me know that the motherland will not forget every person who dedicated their youth to defending the country;The people will not forget everyone who gave their life in defense of this country,Salute to the people's hero!Our contemporary students should deeply understand and learn from the martyrs' fearless spirit of dedication and sacrifice,Be strict with yourself,Learn the ability,To make the due contribution of the young generation to the development of the country! 

高二1 Yishi Zhuoma

Accompanied by the solemn national anthem, the bright five-star red flag rose slowly。I am filled with emotion, thinking that if there is no revolutionary martyrs and heroes sacrifice, we will still have a peaceful and happy life as now?Happiness does not come easily. We should cherish such a happy and stable life and study hard。We are willing to use our youth to defend the prosperous China。 

高三3 Qiangbadogi

930On the same day, our school held a grand flag-raising ceremony, looking at the bright five-star red flag flying in the wind, I think of the past few days of military training time, there have been sweat, there have been pain, but at the moment watching the red flag flying, I know that I have gained something more important, that is, the spirit of hard work。Looking at the red flag dyed red by the blood of revolutionary martyrs, it always reminds me: do not forget the national humiliation, continue to forge ahead!Wish our great motherland: Happy birthday!Be prosperous!

文案: Gao Menghan   Reviewed by: Shi Juan and Chen Liuli

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