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Nantong Tibet Nationalities Middle School was founded in July 1997 with the approval of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education and Nantong Municipal People's Government in accordance with the spirit of "long-term persistence, appropriate expansion and quality assurance" proposed by the Party Central Committee at the Third Tibet Work Symposium。In 2000, the school added a high school, becoming the first Tibetan full middle school in East China。

The school takes "casting a strong sense of community of the Chinese nation" as the main line, and takes the establishment of high-quality and high-quality ethnic education as a specific action to implement the strategy of the Party Central Committee and The State Council for intellectual aid to Tibet and the development of the western region。It will promote national unity and progress, strengthen the "four sharing" and establish the "five identities" as the path and affiliation of the school。

Uphold the philosophy of "building a school politically, establishing a school with quality, a beautiful school with characteristics, and a thriving school with culture",Establish the school-running philosophy of "Qinhe Education" (Qinjiu home country, and joint progress),Form the school spirit of "unity and forging ahead, perseverance and dedication",It takes "cultivating socialist builders and successors with political loyalty, comprehensive quality and outstanding talents for the country" as the education goal,Strive to set up a model Tibetan (class) school that students yearn for, teachers cherish and society is satisfied with。

Over the past 20 years, the school has trained more than 4,000 outstanding students for colleges and universities, making positive contributions to the economic and social development of the country, especially Tibet。The school has won nearly 100 honorary titles, such as the National Advanced Collective for Education Aid to Tibet, the National Model Collective for Ethnic unity and Progress, the Civilized Campus of Jiangsu Province, and the Model Collective for Ethnic unity and Progress of the Tibet Autonomous Region。

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